Bike adventure: Manila to Baler

Here’s one of the tours i did this year…
Situated in the Northeast part of the Philippines, Baler is 260 km away from Las Pinas, the route we took was via Nueva Ecija towards Rizal (Day 1). Though the first day was mostly devoted to travel via flats, heat and unfine contours of the roads made the trip a challenge. Though we reached Rizal around 5pm (that’s about 180km from Las Pinas), rest was needed for the next day.
On day 2, starting at Pantambangan until Maria Aurora, several difficult climbs were encountered. Bearing similarities with the Quirino highway on the way to Bicol, the path to Baler had several steep ascents, much more difficult than Baguio. In addition, heat is definitely a factor in the progress as very few stores were available. One consolation though is that the roads are wide, well paved and very few vehicles would pass by making the climb much manageable.
Upon approaching Baler, there are several spots worthy visiting. Of course, i leave it to you to explore the place so as not to pre-empt your adventure. Overall, this ride to Baler and its sheer challenge is a class of its own, truly worth trying indeed!
14305461_10207328706162596_3582602399953622862_o.jpgThe Arch is always a reward for bikers
14265091_10207321648066148_1267719826881412739_n.jpgThe Iconic Baler Sign
14311361_10207328713682784_5906410677213646079_o.jpgStart of Day 2 en route to Baler
14322417_10207315115622841_3934119971656029903_n.jpgThe Centuries Old Balete Tree

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