So long Saigon


While my recent trip to Ho Chi Minh City has been more business than having fun, I was able to squeeze in a short ride. Though I initially wanted to go to different sites to have photos taken of my bike using the sites as a backdrop, I ended up wandering around the city. Eventually, I reached this street Duong Vo Thi Sau (near Le Van Tam Park) and was amazed with this lane filled with bikeshops!

At the Park

The placement of shops are similar to Quiapo….both sides had something to offer. What I found interesting is that there are certain brands here that appear popular but are quite specific for the Vietnamese market (such as Strongman, Voyager and Oyama)…There’s also Martin 107…a chain of stores along the street that carried different parts—rims, bolts and all


This shop has all those small parts
the bike models sold here arent unique but the inventory of the fenders and racks will make you drool 🙂

I was able to check out the Giant Store as well as this shop called Ride which had a couple of hidden gems…too bad though the Giant Store didn’t allow me to take photos…What I notice though is that they had several items which aren’t found here in the Philippines so if you visit, perhaps it would be wise to bring extra funds for these items J

this is worth checking out
schwalbe of all sizes
well stocked!
Hidden Gem the camo colored stuff there is the blackburn bikepacking system
So long Saigon

Even though this is my third time in Vietnam, there is still much to explore in this wonderful place…

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