3 before 40, community and the greater purpose

This post is personal…I recently celebrated my birthday and such irony that I had to celebrate it in a flight back to the Philippines. While heading back to the country, I missed another opportunity to be with a local group of surly bikers, Surly FFF-inas (no thanks for that delay!)

While I heard really good feedback about these meetings, this one is special, it isn’t the swap meet part, the eating or even funny stories and jokes members tell-but it was paying tribute to one of our members Chris.

such a brave guy riding a brompton in a surly bikers meeting!

I personally don’t know him but many members would speak well of him-being mild mannered, a person who constantly refreshes his builds and actively rides with other members of the group….

with some members and admins of the group

At present though, he battles cancer…and while I have no idea how he feels right now-it is a condition that is very familiar to me

the fine ladies of FFFinas

Though I was just a witness to the event over facebook, I felt a great sense of happiness in Chris and other members who sold parts and solicited support-one kind biker, Wins Cabalinan even donated a Specialized AWOL for Chris’ treatment…

Sir Wins and His Prized Specialized AWOL

So while I was a sore loser who celebrated my hatchday on a plane and had to see those smiling faces and wonderful food and congregation of bikers, this is where cycling and community shines at its finest-rallying support for people we barely know-as what bike tourers will say, pedalling distances brings back your faith in humanity

not everyone won the raffle items but hey, it’s all smile and cheer 🙂

And for those of you who get to read this, here’s Chris’ story and perhaps a way for you to help -everyone knows cancer sucks and a little effort if combined together can definitely make the greatest of changes you can ever imagine

(photos courtesy of Surly FFFinas Members)


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