On getting lost: My first group ride in Singapore

Whenever I get to stay in a different country, I’m always excited to ride my bike and see the country’s different aspects. While the typical tourist will flock to popular spots, I prefer to see how life is in different areas.

was supposed to go to Mt. Faber but ended up here!

It isn’t my first time to bike in Singapore…but it isn’t my first time as well to get lost…even with a map, I still end up in a different place!

just follow that lane

But today, getting lost was a fortunate thing for me as I got to ride with the Brompton club based in Singapore.

As I was riding along Marina Boulevard, I happen to see Ejin and I was told that there was going to be group ride to Chinatown…

The first Brompton rider i met, Ms. Ejin Ang
the rest of the Brompton Riders of SG
pre-ride photo op
en route to Chinatown


When we arrived, the place is quite packed, you could feel that excitement and cheer for the  Chinese New Year.

The Rooster


At the Bazaar

I’m thankful to have met them as I was oriented on group cycling in SG…The ride was relaxed-nothing really stressful. Overall, this was a nice experience with a group abroad and I look forward meeting more riders in the future and who says getting lost was bad?

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