Rack it up: A Visit to Ryan Blanco’s Workbench Fabrications

Let’s admit, if you’re living in a developing country, a bike tourer has limited options when it comes to quality gear. While there are some stores that carry things you need, the prices are quite high which can turn off those interested in the discipline.

Enter Ryan Blanco’s Workbench Fabrications.

Ive heard of his works from fellow cyclist/tourer JT Tanangonan and I was amazed by the craftsmanship done on the racks.

JT’s Surly Straggler with a Customized Front Rack (can carry large and heavy cargo and that Pizza we’ve always wanted, Courtesy of Ryan Blanco/JT Tanangonan)

I got in touch with him and was quite surprised he was my student in 2nd grade way back early 2000s!

Fitting a prototype with Rahnel Sison’s Soma Saga

In November, friends and I got to visit his workshop and saw his custom creations…

saw some of his samples



As a biker, he has that keen sense of detail and finishing industrial design, he puts his knowledge to work by building wonderful racks for different kinds of bikes…

his own restored and custom works
nice classic steel bike!

Using cold steel for his creations, his racks may be a bit heavy for the weight weenie, but these are definitely bombproof! Also, he gets to have these powercoated for custom colors you want.

It starts with the fit (using a Conquer Dispatch Pannier)
he does everything from fitting, cutting, welding and the works!
quite busy and critical on details

There are two things that make Ryan’s works worth checking out…these are definitely custom fit for your rigs as he puts his personal touch in these designs-works of art I’d say

sampling my low rider rack for the Surly Crosscheck
newly painted front racks
my own custom made low riders

And best of all, his prices are very much affordable- expect to pay way less (I’d estimate these are 30-50% less) than those branded racks out there

Custom rear rack for Jojo Siscar’s Tutubi Carabao (Courtesy of Ryan Blanco/Jojo Siscar)

So what are you waiting for? Drop him a line and check his stuff out!